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Education & Training

NANA Internships

NANA’s goal is to become a shareholder-managed corporation. To continue this business philosophy, special programs are in place to help shareholders enhance their job skills, knowledge and abilities. NANA internship programs offer shareholders the opportunity to gain marketable experience that can later be used to grow our companies and help fulfill our mission.

Internships provide a bridge from the classroom to the working world, varying in length and the number of hours worked. There are many benefits that come from participation in an internship program. Interns gain valuable experience in a specific industry by learning on-the-job. You receive supervised on-the-job training, learn new job skills, and make new connections with professionals in your field of study, as well as your fellow interns—and you are paid for learning.

As needed, airfare and housing accommodations can be made for shareholders that do not live in the location of their desired internship.

If you have questions about the internship opportunities or how to apply, please contact Joseph Jessup-McDermott, shareholder development manager at or 907-265-3768 or toll-free at 800.478.2000. NANA’s next internship opportunities will be available in 2023.