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Strengthening Our People

NANA’s more than 15,000 shareholders originated in, or have ties to, Northwest Alaska and own stock in the corporation.

NANA’s mission is to improve the quality of life for our people.


NANA shareholder benefits include, but are not limited to, hiring preference, training opportunities and internships.


Hiring preference is extended to shareholders, their spouses and descendants. This means when a qualified shareholder applies for and meets minimal qualifications for a job with a NANA company, they should be hired. Once a shareholder is employed, they are subject to all the same rules and requirements of all employees.


Shareholder relations coordinators (SRCs) are located in every community in the region, as well as in Anchorage. They help shareholders gain access to employment and training opportunities and other services.

Shareholder assistance is provided, including medical, burial, fire and homelessness. 


NANA’s Elders’ Settlement Trust provides a special distribution to shareholders who are 65 or older.

NANA also supports youth programs, language revitalization and cultural programs and community events in the region.

More Information

NANA’s shareholder portal,, is an online resource available to shareholders, 18 and older. NANA uses the secure site to provide financial information, access to forms, and share news and upcoming events.

Shareholder Forms

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Shareholder Records

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