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2023 Annual Meeting Cash Prizes

NANA Regional Corporation Inc. (NANA) held its 2023 annual meeting on Saturday, March 25, 2023, in Selawik. Cash prizes were drawn for those shareholders who submitted valid proxies early, online and by the March 22 deadline as well as shareholders who registered in person in Selawik.  Winners in Selawik have already received their cash prizes…

NANA Shareholders Elect 2023 Board of Directors

At today’s annual meeting held in Selawik, NANA shareholders voted to elect seven directors to the NANA board for three-year terms: Nellie Sheldon (Ambler), Gary Hadley (Buckland), Bonita Barr (Deering), Lee “Big Boy” Staheli (Kiana), Myra Wesley (Kivalina), Pearl Gomez (Kobuk) and Lance Kramer (Kotzebue). Continuing NANA board directors are: Mary Adams (Noatak), Tommy Ballot…

NRC Shareholder Trust Announces Spring 2023 Dividend Distribution

On March 7, 2023, during a special board meeting, the NANA Regional Corporation Inc. Board of Directors authorized a contribution to the NRC Shareholder Trust for the purpose of paying a spring dividend to Trust beneficiaries of $10.00 per share, for a total distribution for dividends of approximately $17.5 million. The dividend will be payable…

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