Dog sled running across snow.

Mission & Values

Iñupiat Iḷitqusiat Values

Two little girls pick berries on the tundra.

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life for our people by maximizing economic growth, protecting and enhancing our lands and promoting healthy communities with decisions, actions and behaviors inspired by our Iñupiat Iḷitqusiat values consistent with our core principles.


Iñupiat Iḷitqusiat is that which makes us who we are. Our traditional values are the foundation of NANA. We embody these values in our words and actions.

Knowledge of Family Tree
Love for Children
Avoid Conflict
Knowledge of Language
Family Roles
Hard Work
Responsibility to Tribe

Respect for Elders
Respect for Others
Respect for Nature
Domestic Skills
Hunter Success

Core Principles

Honesty and integrity govern our activities.
Commitments made will be fulfilled.
Everyone will be treated with dignity and respect.