NANA Board Approves Funds for Deering, Ambler and Kobuk Infrastructure Projects

The vision of the Village Economic Investment (VEI) committee, comprised of NANA board members, is to create a thriving regional economy. Its mission is to achieve sustainable villages through partnerships. The VEI fund allocates millions of dollars to communities to implement economic and infrastructure projects in the NANA region at the local level. 

On April 28, 2022, the NANA Board of Directors approved all three resolutions proposed by the VEI committee:    

  • Resolution 2022-21 approves VEI funding of $660,000 to assist with the construction of the new Native store to replace the 100-year-old store that serves the community of Deering.
  • Resolution 2022-22 approves VEI funding of $715,000 to procure six 10,000-gallon holding tanks to store both diesel and gasoline at the proposed future bulk fuel farm, currently in the final design phase, in Ambler.
  • Resolution 2022-23 approves VEI Funding of $260,868 to go toward employee wages and benefits to complete two construction packages in Kobuk. Building materials were purchased with previous VEI grant funds.

Board Chair Ely Cyrus said, “I thank the work done on behalf of our shareholders by the VEI committee and staff, and the direction given by the board of directors to help make these projects a reality. I look forward to the future and seeing many more projects funded which help improve our communities and quality of life for our shareholders.” 

“Today is a great time for the NANA region,” said David Field, VEI committee chair, “with the Village Economic Investment funds being distributed to NANA’s villages. I am thankful for this committee, the NANA Board of Directors and staff for supporting our needs by investing in projects that will positively impact our people and future generations.”