NANA Announces 2021 Shareholder Dividend Distrubution

On Oct. 28, 2021, the NANA Regional Corporation Inc. board authorized a contribution to the NRC Shareholder Trust for the purpose of paying a dividend for fiscal year 2021 to Trust beneficiaries of $10.75 per share, for a total distribution of approximately $18.49 million. All NANA shareholders of record are beneficiaries of the Trust. The distribution date is on or about Dec. 14, 2021.

“NANA has had many successes, despite the challenges of the pandemic,” said Linda Lee, NANA’s board chair. “We are thankful for our hardworking staff who made it possible for us to give a dividend to our shareholders.”

John Lincoln, NANA’s president and CEO, said, “I’m proud of our board, our partners and all of our employees for their perseverance and contributions to a very strong year at NANA.  Providing direct financial benefits to shareholders is a key part of our mission.”

Beyond dividends, NANA brings value to its shareholders through social and cultural contributions, economic development, cultural initiatives and other important programs.

Shareholders must update their addresses, apply for direct deposit or enroll a new Class D shareholder by 5 p.m. Alaska Standard Time on Nov. 15, 2021 via the shareholder portal,, or by contacting the shareholder records department at or (907) 442-3301 or toll-free at 1-800-478-3301.