Brad Kuuġnaaluk Osborne

Brad Kuuġnaaluk Osborne

Vice President, Operations

    Brad Kuugnaaluk Osborne is vice president of operations and is responsible for managing out-of-region facilities, IT, security, safety, quality assurance and business processes.

    Brad has held management positions at NANA in accounting, IT, finance and strategy. Among his various roles and added responsibilities, he has led the team that implemented a companywide enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, served as president of NANA Oilfield Services, acted as the senior advisor to the chief operations officer, and oversaw NANA’s CARES Act Individual Disaster Relief Program. He has represented NANA in professional organizations such as the Alaska Support Industry Alliance, Commonwealth North and Alaska Business Week, and he chaired the Alaska State Chamber of Commerce.

    Brad is a NANA shareholder with family from Kotzebue. He demonstrates NANA’s deep-rooted values of respect, honesty, commitments fulfilled, cooperation and the importance of family. 

    Brad earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Alaska Anchorage, with a focus on accounting.