Prudhoe Bay Site Work Prepares for NANA Construction Modules

Working in some of Alaska’s harshest environments is nothing new for NANA Construction . Since 2008, company has supported Alaska’s resource development industries by providing quality components and structures with a focus on safe, timely and efficient delivery. While the snow may be melting around the state and spring in the air, Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay will not be seeing warmer temps and mild weather for some time.

Snow or no snow, NANA Construction kicked off the direct work for the Gathering Center 2 (GC2) facility siting install project for BP. Crews are currently doing the upfront utility locates and piling installation work in preparation of the modules that will ship out of the NANA Construction fabrication facility in June. These units will be the new control room for Gathering Center 2 in Prudhoe Bay and are expected to ship in June.

NANA Construction, LLC is a full-service general contractor that provides core services to the mining, oil and gas industries. The company has supported Alaska’s resource development industries since 2008 and worked with major clients such as BP, Eni, Teck, Conoco Phillips, and Caelus. The company is owned by NANA Development Corporation.