NANA Board Votes to Oppose Alaska State Constitutional Convention

The NANA Board of Directors recognizes that under the Alaska Constitution, it is a requirement that Alaskan voters decide whether to hold a constitutional convention every ten years. This year, that vote will be taken through Ballot Measure 1 in the November 8 general election.

“We feel that it is in the best interests of our shareholders not to open the constitution up for potential rewrites, some of which may negatively affect our shareholders and region,” said Board Chair Utuktauraq Ely Cyrus. “We support voting No on Ballot Measure 1.”

Alaskans have rejected a convention every time it has appeared on the ballot because Alaska has a strong constitution which has served our state well over the last sixty years. The Alaska Constitution currently commits the State to support public education, public health, public welfare, and Alaska’s university system. 

Holding a constitutional convention could negatively impact Rural Alaska and the Native community. The potential risks of a constitutional convention could involve negative impacts to subsistence rights, water rights, Power Cost Equalization, rural education funding, privacy rights, fish and game management, redistricting, Tribal rights, gun rights, and environmental regulation. Much is at stake, and for these reasons NANA encourages our shareholders to vote “No” on Ballot Measure 1 in November.