Kotzebue Informal Meeting Call-In Information

Shareholders can nominate and vote telephonically on Nov. 3.

NANA and its board are committed to full and fair participation by all NANA shareholders in both the nomination and election process. Due to feedback the board received, which included lower-than-ideal attendance due to four funerals that week, the board took action to hold another informal meeting in Kotzebue at the school cafeteria on Nov. 3, starting with a banquet at 5 p.m. Shareholders also have the option to nominate and vote telephonically during the meeting, which starts at 6 p.m.

Kotzebue resident shareholders are encouraged to participate in the meeting in person. If they aren’t able to, they may participate in the nominations and voting portion of the meeting by phone starting at 6 p.m.

The call-in numbers are as follows:

Listen only: (602) 580-9641, Code: 8054062#
Listen and nominations: (720) 843-2575, Code: 5444461#

A voting call-in number will be shared during the meeting after nominations.

Note, shareholders who choose to call in telephonically will:

  • Not be entered to win door prizes.
  • Need to be dialed into the meeting to nominate and vote.
  • Be able to listen to and participate in the nominations portion of the meeting, after which the broadcast will end and Kotzebue resident shareholders wishing to vote will have the option to call their vote into the voting phone number provided during the meeting.
  • Not be able to listen to the chair and CEO/president’s presentation. That is happening in person.
  • Not have the option to present questions and/or comments.