Sunny mountain view on a lake in Alaska.

Board of Directors

Atmaġuq Lee “Big Boy” Staheli

Director, Kiana

    Atmaġuq Lee “Big Boy” Staheli is a director from Kiana who was elected to the NANA board in 2023.

    In addition to his NANA board duties, Atmaġuq is chief pilot for Lee’s Sea Air, a family-owned and operated business that provides air charters, rentals and expediting. He also serves as the relief store clerk for the City of Kiana.

    Atmaġuq obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in rural development from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, with a minor in natural resource development. He also earned an associate of applied sciences degree in professional piloting; the program includes training in arctic survival, weather and aircraft maintenance.

    As a professional pilot, Atmaġuq has worked closely with officials conducting patrols of NANA lands. He also volunteers with search and rescue efforts in the NANA region.

    Board and Committee Assignments

    Ethics and Rules
    Lands and Natural Resources
    Article VIII-4 Kiana/Noorvik/Selawik