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Shareholder Trust Beneficiary Vote

Shareholders! Submit Your Ballots for the Shareholder Beneficiary Vote


As you may have seen, there are important changes being proposed to the NRC Shareholder Trust. Voting YES to these changes will support the creation of a NANA permanent fund, allowing our corporation to put royalties from Red Dog Mine into the fund where they will be used to pay dividends to shareholders. Supporting these amendments will help to secure a financially stable foundation for future generations.

Voting is easy! You can vote online at, mail your completed ballot to Sramek-Hightower, CPAs, P.O. Box 240569, Anchorage, AK 99524-9968, email your completed ballot to Sramek-Hightower, CPAs at (with your ballot attached in a PDF format) or you can fax your completed ballot to Sramek-Hightower, CPAs, at (907) 561-4341.

If you have questions about the proposed amendments, please contact Linda Adams at There are prizes for shareholders who submit their ballots! To qualify for early bird prizes, be sure to cast your vote before Aug. 30, 2023. The deadline to vote and qualify for prizes is Sept. 27, 2023. Vote YES to support current and future generations of NANA shareholders!

If you’ve lost your ballot packet or didn’t receive one, all you need to do is call (907) 677-3320, Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., and ask for your shareholder ID and voting PIN to vote online at