NANA Seeks President & Chief Executive Officer

NANA seeks a president & chief executive officer (CEO) who is responsible for ensuring that NANA is positioned to meet the needs of shareholders now and into the future. The ideal candidate must be a NANA shareholder who possesses a minimum of ten years managerial experience as a successful leader of large and complex organizations. Demonstrates ethical leadership, transparent communications, and support for the Iñupiat values. Is a dynamic and effective communicator (both oral and written). The president and CEO reports directly to the NANA board and must live in or relocate to the NANA region. A bachelor’s degree is required; a master’s degree in business, community development or a related field is strongly preferred.

About NANA

NANA is an Alaska Native corporation whose mission is to improve the quality of life for its nearly 15,000 shareholders who originated in northwest Alaska. NANA works to maximize economic growth, protect and enhance its lands and promote healthy communities with decisions, actions and behaviors inspired by Iñupiat Iļitqusiat values. These traditional values are the foundation of NANA.

At NANA, we embody these values in our words and through our actions and core values:

  • Honesty and integrity govern our activities.
  • Commitments made will be fulfilled.
  • Everyone will be treated with dignity and respect.