NANA joins Arctic Economic Council

Alaska voices crucial to ongoing economic development in the Arctic

NANA Regional Corporation joined the Arctic Economic Council (AEC) as an Arctic Partner, reemphasizing NANA’s role in responsible and culturally sensitive Arctic business development. The partnership was approved at a meeting of the Arctic Economic Council in Helsinki, Finland.

“As residents and stewards of the Arctic, we balance responsible development and economic opportunity with the preservation of our traditional way of life,” said Wayne Westlake, President and CEO of NANA. “Partnership with the AEC is an opportunity for us to further these goals and have an active voice in the future of our home.”

Established in 2014, the Arctic Economic Council facilitates Arctic business activities that promote responsible economic development. The group is chaired by Finland, and includes board members who represent business leaders of the eight nations and indigenous communities of the Arctic. As an Arctic Partner, NANA will contribute to a healthy future for Alaska’s Arctic people and communities.

“Alaska’s voice in this international conversation is crucial,” said Westlake. “As the world looks toward the North and its potential for new, economic opportunity, it is important that we have a seat at the table to shape the future of the Arctic. I believe this partnership is not only beneficial to our region, but to all of Alaska and the U.S., and we are excited to collaborate and contribute.”