NANA Gas Exploration Project Update

NANA is advancing our gas exploration project within the NANA region. We have submitted a Title 9 Permit with the Northwest Arctic Borough (NAB) to support the permitting process for potential drilling at a later date. There will be no active exploration this year, only preparation for permitting and pre-engineering surveying activities. The project is in a subsistence conservation district. All work will be scheduled/performed to avoid impact on local hunting activities. The scope’s target completion date is late August or early September, performed by boat, foot and potentially a helicopter.

The scope to be completed is:

  • Route delineation (Riley Channel)
  • Well-staking and elevation surveys (a topographic map for planning will be developed with a formal survey completed at a later date as required by the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission to stake the well locations)
  • Non-invasive aquatic surveys (visual observations, water quality data, water flow data)
  • Cultural surveys (archaeological)

The NAB has posted the draft Title 9 Permit for a 20-day public comment period, ending Monday, Aug. 19, 2019. The draft is posted on the borough bulletin board and at the Kotzebue post office, Kotzebue’s AC and Rotmans Store, and the NAB website:

This proposed project aligns with the NANA natural resources department mission to pursue responsible development of natural resources, including mineral exploration and production, to benefit shareholders today and for future generations.