Aaquuraqpauraq Lawrence “Larry” Westlake Sr.

Elder Advisor

    Aaquuraqpauraq Lawrence “Larry” Westlake Sr. of Kiana has been selected by the NANA board of directors as their Elder Advisor. He also serves as chair of the Regional Elders Council and on the Kiana Elders Council.

    Aaquuraqpauraq has been a subsistence hunter, a fisherman and dog musher. He has worked to bring forward cultural values, especially in hunting — to show respect for the land and animals, and to allow the caribou trail to be undisturbed. He gives guidance to hunters on how to properly care for their harvest and take only what they can use and share.

    Aaquuraqpauraq says that sharing is one of our most important values. “We grew up with sharing everything we have. We should always focus on our culture and use some of these important guidelines that we grew up with.”

    Aaquuraqpauraq leads by example, sharing his resources as well as his traditional knowledge. He teaches young people about hunting, outdoor survival and the importance of Iñupiat Iļitqusiat.

    Aaquuraqpauraq is the son of the late Teddy and Jenny Westlake of Kiana. He has been married to Christina Westlake since 1959. Christina served as chair of the NANA Board of Directors from 1989 to 1996.

    Board Committee Assignments

    Ethics and rules, shareholder relations, lands and natural resources