Albie Dallemolle Named Vice President of Economic Development and Sustainability

Albie Panikpaiq Dallemolle, a NANA shareholder from the community of Kiana, has been promoted to the position of vice president of economic development and sustainability for NANA. For the past two years, Albie served as NANA’s senior director of village economic investment (VEI) and has demonstrated excellent leadership in advancing NANA’s mission of improving the quality of life for our shareholders. 

“Many of our shareholders face a burdensome high cost of living,” said NANA President and CEO John Lincoln. “That is one of the important issues Albie is tackling head-on. Her efforts have made and will continue to make a difference.”

Some of the initiatives that Albie leads, under the direction of NANA’s board and in close collaboration with the VEI committee, include overseeing the application and development team assigned to manage NANA’s $68.5 million U.S. Department of Commerce, National Telecommunications and Information Administration broadband grant, developing and implementing various fuel and home heating initiatives following NANA’s 2022 home heating survey, improving NANA’s village economic investment grant program, and advancing the deployment of alternative energy in the NANA region.

Under Albie’s leadership, the VEI program continues to build productive relationships with other village and regional organizations — such as local Tribal and city governments, Maniilaq Association, the Northwest Arctic Borough, the Alaska Technical Center and the Northwest Iñupiat Housing Authority — to advance our shared mission of improving the well-being of shareholders and communities in the NANA region.

NANA’s board of directors is renaming the VEI department to the economic development and sustainability department. This change, effective immediately, reflects NANA’s commitment to maximizing opportunities for all shareholders beyond only regional infrastructure investment.

“As part of our strategy to better support shareholders, their families, as well as NANA communities,” said Lincoln, “Albie is leading the establishment of a new NANA subsidiary, Atautchikun LLC, as its president.” 

Atautchikun is a public benefit corporation, which is better suited to qualify for a broad range of grants than what currently exists inside the NANA family of companies. Atautchikun will build upon NANA’s successful alternative energy program model and develop new opportunities to serve our Tribes, communities and shareholders. In future communications, I look forward to sharing the positive impact this new company is making.

Atautchikun is an Iñupiaq word that means “together.”