Winners of the 2015 NANA Calendar Photo Contest

Taikuu to all the NANA Shareholders who submitted photos to the 2015 NANA Photo Contest. The photos were so beautiful and all the judges deeply appreciate you sharing parts of your life with us.

149 NANA shareholders submitted photos from all over the world! The submissions were collected and broken down into categories.  Judges were provided the photos for each category without the names of the photographer. There were a total of five judges who participated in up to three rounds of selection.

Taikuu for participating in the contest. All prizes will be delivered via mail and will be mailed next week to ensure accuracy

Their selections are as follows:

Winning photos will be the featured photo in each category month in the 2015 NANA Calendar and winners will receive $500.

Ambler – Eva J. Sheldon
Buckland – Lisa Lewis
Deering – Debra Moto
Kiana -  Sharlene Ferreira
Kivalina – Rojo Adams
Kobuk – Johnetta Horner
Kotzebue – Elizabeth Ito
Noatak – Eileen Foster
Noorvik – Vanessa Harvey
Out of Region – Myrtis Sampson-Rogers
Selawik – Kimberly Mitchell
Shungnak – George Woods

Winning photos will be supplemental photos in a category month for the 2015 NANA Calendar and winners will receive a $50 Amazon gift card for each winning photo. Please note, some individuals had multiple supplemental photos selected. This is for two reasons: (1) Judges were provided the photos for each category without the names of the each photo could be judged on individual merit, and (2) some categories had  fewer submissions. Taikuu. 

Lula Sheldon
Mary Ramoth
Jason Douglas
Daniel E. Henry
Tiffany Greist

Tracey Hadley
Floyd Ticket (2 photos)
Glenna Parrish
Lucy Boyd

Beverly Moto (4 photos)
Jessie Moto

William Longley
Micheline Curtis (2 photos)
Charlene Ferreira
Erleen Morris

Bert Adams (2 photos)
Sonja Barger
Rojo Adams
Eugene Wesley

Lavelda Snell
Natalie Wood (2 photos)
Johnetta Horner (2 photos)

Jackson Snyder
Elizabeth Ferguson
Corita Thomas
Vera Norton
Mildred Stalker

Tanya Kirk (2 photos)
Ellen Norton
Eva Wesley
Eileen Foster

Edie Wells (3 photos)
Juanita Henry
Thomas Lee

Out of Region
Vanessa Harvey
Joy Rice
Theodore Mala
Jessica Garrett
Walter Nazuruk

Sandra Ramoth (3 photos)
Kimberly Mitchell
Ronald Jones

Antonia Commack (3 photos)
George Woods (2 photos)


The remainder of entries will receive an HONORABLE MENTION certificate and a $10 iTunes gift card for participating. Photos will also be used on the front and back cover the 2015 NANA Calendar. Taikuu!