The new Nulla─ívik Hotel

August 29, 2011-The new Nullaġvik Hotel, owned by NANA Development Corporation, opened its doors today to all visitors and northwest Alaska. The modern hotel, located on Shore Avenue in Kotzebue has been under construction for the past two years and is expected to be a comfortable place to stay for years to come.

Nullaġvik is an Iñupiaq word meaning, “a place to rest.” Since it first opened in 1975, the original Nullaġvik Hotel has welcomed guests from all over the world.

“This is a special day for NANA,” said Luke Sampson, NANA Development Corporation (NDC) board chairman. “Our old hotel has served us well for many years, but it needed to be replaced. This new hotel will continue to serve our people and those traveling through our regional hub. This is an important investment that NANA has made to continue to support the economy and the needs of our people.”

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