Teck Alaska jobs now online - Red Dog jobs at nana.com/employment

Teck Alaska jobs at Red Dog Mine are now posted online through the NANA online application system at www.nana.com/employment. This service to NANA shareholders and job applicants is possible through the cooperative efforts of NANA Regional Corporation, Teck Alaska and NANA Development Corporation.

Shareholders can view and apply for jobs by following these steps:
1. Direct Web browser to www.nana.com/regional/employment
2. Click the large Shareholders button
3. Search for Teck jobs by searching under the organization: Teck – Red Dog Mine. 

If shareholders need help applying, they can contact Shareholder Employment and Development at 907-265-4100 or 800-478-2000 or go to their local Resource Technician.  Shareholders can continue to contact Teck directly regarding questions related to their applications.  907-426-9116. RDjobs@teck.com