Shareholder Development Improvement in FY14

Last year, NANA announced a range of shareholder development services now available through the newly formed Shareholder Development division. The division is staffed by 12 Shareholder Development Specialists (SDSs) who work directly with shareholders to assist them in identifying and reaching personal, educational and career goals. SDS’s are located in each NANA office in the region where they help provide connections to information about post-secondary education, training, grants, scholarships and job readiness. The overall goal of this department is to help develop the capacity of the region, which in turn will help build a viable, sustainable economy.

In May 2014, NANA completed a shareholder workforce survey in 10 villages in the region to gather data in an effort to determine shareholder interest in employment and workforce development support. The survey is helping to guide corporate initiatives in this area including outreach to youth and early education programs.

As a result of the survey, NANA partnered with Alaska Commission on Post-Secondary Education to deliver and teach two future focused curriculums in regional classrooms: "I Know I Can," for second graders and “Kids 2 College”, for fifth graders.
The survey also indicated that shareholders wanted improved access to employment opportunities like resume/application assistance, job searches, job announcements, pre-employment services, and one-on-one as well as community wide workshops. In 2014, the SDSs became certified in many pre-employment screening services including drug testing and skill testing. This means shareholders can save time and money by receiving these services in their home community. The SDSs also provided job counseling and interview coaching.

To assist shareholders with educational opportunities, the department focused on providing scholarship and admission assistance, and conducted monthly school outreach with various grade-levels.


Employing shareholders at NANA businesses is a central goal of NDC. There are four full-time staff who make up the Shareholder Employment & Development department dedicated to helping shareholders succeed in their career goals. The SHED team offers many services such as career counseling, job coaching, mock interviews, and helping shareholders find gainful employment. Shareholder Employment and Development has a college internship program each summer and helps shareholders find internships that fit their educational and career goals.
There are 30 internship positions available for shareholders this coming summer in the NANA family of companies all across the country and shareholders are encouraged to apply at The deadline to apply is March 31.


The 1982 agreement between NANA and Teck established an Employment and Training Committee to develop initiatives that will maximize the number of NANA shareholders working at the Red Dog Mine.

More than 561 NANA shareholders worked at the mine in 2014, earning a combined $37.8 million in wages.

Shareholders working at Red Dog can also participate in programs like trade apprenticeships, on-the-job training, and leadership development training to help them develop their careers. 3,277 hours of on-the-job training was provided to shareholders this year and 52 students received $76,500 in post-secondary scholarships from Teck.


In 2014, the Aqqaluk Trust, funded by NANA, awarded $842,800 in scholarships to 366 shareholders.