NANA Shareholder Development Specialists Announced

NANA Regional Corporation, Inc. (NANA) is pleased to announce a range of shareholder development services now available through the newly formed shareholder development division. This division, staffed by 12 shareholder development specialists, works directly with shareholders to assist in identifying and reaching personal, educational and career goals.

“NANA works hard to respond to changing shareholder needs and the opportunities available,” said Vice President of Shareholder Relations, Gia Hanna. “We saw a need for local, direct service to our shareholders that would focus on creating pathways to attaining goals. The shareholder development specialists will meet this need.”

Located in each NANA office in Northwest Alaska, and at the NANA Regional Corporation office in Anchorage, the shareholder development specialists are conduits and connections for information about post-secondary education, training, grants and scholarships, and job readiness. By working together, shareholder development specialists and shareholders will help develop the capacity of the region, and help shareholders reach their personal goals.

This division is housed in the Shareholder Relations department and directed by Agnes Bernhardt.


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