NANA Regional Corporation, Inc. Endorses Sen. Lisa Murkowski

Kotzebue, Alaska – Oct. 7, 2010 –At a recent September meeting in Kotzebue, Alaska, the NANA Regional Corporation, Inc. (NANA) board of directors approved a resolution endorsing Lisa Murkowski in her reelection bid to the United States Senate.

“Sen. Murkowski has continually worked hard for all of Alaska, including residents of our region” said Marie N. Greene, NANA Regional Corporation president and CEO.  “Her commitment to responsible resource development, strengthening Alaska’s urban and rural economies, her strong stance on land issues, and her ‘Alaska first’ voting record contributed to this decision.  Like the late Senator Stevens, Lisa has always been a strong advocate for our state and we want to see her remain in the Senate, fighting for all Alaskans.”

During her time as Alaska’s senior Senator, Murkowski has done much for Alaska’s rural communities including: securing  funding for water and waste water infrastructure improvements; leading the fight for an increased strategic role in the Arctic; securing benefits long denied to Alaska Territorial Guardsmen; and working to pass the Alaska Lands Transfer Acceleration Act, which requires the Department of the Interior to complete land transfers to Alaskans and Alaska Natives in an expatiated manner, giving Alaska the land promised at statehood.

About NANA

NANA is one of 13 Regional Alaska Native Corporations (ANCs) created pursuant to the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) of 1971. NANA’s mission is to provide economic opportunities for its more than 12,000 Iñupiat shareholders and to protect and enhance NANA lands.