NANA Regional Corporation 2016 Board Candidates

NANA Regional Corporation mailed the 2016 proxy packet to shareholders of record on or about February 5, 2016. The following individuals are candidates on the 2016 NANA Regional Corporation proxy:


Harvey B. Sinaaqquq Vestal
Guy Iñuuraaq Adams
Stefanie Ayyaiyaq Armstrong
Alvin Killiuqsraq Ashby, Sr.
Theodore IỊIappak Booth, Jr.
Arlo Nasruk Davis
Kenny Qaulluq Gallahorn
Johnson Akłaq Greene
Megan Ayupsaq Jones
Derek NuiỊak Lie
Maija Katak Lukin
Christopher Samaruna Maxwell
Lowell Qalutchuq Sage, Jr.
Luke Aliqsi Sampson
Jacqualine Qataliña Denise Schaeffer
Greta Iñuuraaq Schuerch
James Nasaq Sears
Amelia Siqiñaaluk Woods
Jack Qikiqtaichiaq Zayon


Gladys Ikkaiyuk Jones (Downey)
Morgan Tulugaq Johnson


Alice Iraġuuraq Melton-Barr
Clara Paniġruaq Ticket


Ronald Yauguraq Moto, Sr.
Gloria Iviilik Carter


Frank Ooloak Adams, Sr.
Stella Saumik Shy


Donald G. Nalikak Sheldon
Kenny Qapuk Wells, Sr.


Diana Paniaġruk Ramoth
Vida Aŋnik Coaltrain


Linda Piquk Lee
Frederick Naasri Sun

NANA Shareholders have the option to vote their proxy online at, information is contained on your proxy in the proxy packet mailed to you. Online, mailed, emailed, and faxed proxies must be submitted by March 11, 2016, at 5pm Alaska Standard Time to be counted. If you attend the Annual Meeting in person, you may also change your votes or submit your proxy at the 2016 NANA Annual Shareholder Meeting in Noatak, Alaska on March 14, 2016. If you did not receive your proxy packet or have questions please contact your local Resource Technician, or contact Shareholder Records at or (800) 478-3301.

ABOUT NANA’S BOARD OF DIRECTORS: NANA Regional Corporation’s 23-member Board is elected by the Corporation’s more than 14,000 Iñupiat shareholders. The board structure consists of two Iñupiat shareholder board members from each NANA regional community (with the exception of Kotzebue with one board seat), two at-large seats and an Elder Advisor. This board composition ensures that every decision and board action benefits NANA shareholders