NANA Development Corporation and Evergreen Films Announce Strategic Partnership

Anchorage, AK, September 13, 2010 – NANA Development Corporation (NDC) and Evergreen Films announced a strategic partnership agreement today at the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce meeting.  The investment positions NANA at the forefront of this emerging economic opportunity in Alaska and allows Evergreen Films to invest further in locally produced film and television projects.

“Our goal is to deliver significant benefits to our shareholders from this investment,” said Helvi Sandvik, President of NANA Development Corporation. “We are excited about being involved on the front end of the development of a new industry in Alaska. Alaska’s new film production incentive program is already generating interest and attracting new film industry activity to the state. This is good for NANA and Evergreen but will also create jobs and economic growth in Alaska. It is so important for our state’s future to strengthen our economy through the creation of new opportunities."

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