NANA Announces 2014 Shareholder Dividend Distribution

Kotzebue, Alaska – Dec. 04, 2014 –NANA’s board declared an FY 14 dividend of $6.00 per share payable on or about Dec. 17, 2014 to shareholders of record as of Dec. 10, 2014. The total distribution is approximately $9.4 million paid to NANA’s shareholders of record.

The board assesses the ability of the corporation to pay a dividend based on performance while balancing the need to provide social and cultural benefits to shareholders and ensure our business growth.

In addition to dividends, NANA contributes millions of dollars each year to scholarships, medical, burial and disaster assistance, village economic development, language preservation and other important social and cultural programs for shareholders.

NANA Regional Corporation, Inc. (NANA) is one of the 13 Alaska Native corporations created pursuant to the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA). NANA’s mission is to provide economic opportunities for its more than 13,600 Iñupiat shareholders and to protect and enhance NANA lands. Join the hunt at