Kiana Elementary class writes book on Iñupiaq lifestyle

The book “Our Iñupiaq Lifestyle” was written by 12 students from Kiana Elementary School during the 2014/2015 school year. Their teacher, Ms. Kelly, acquired a book publishing kit through Scholastic and asked the students what they wanted to write about.

“Many of the students wanted to write scary stories,” Kelly said. "But, we decided to write about the Iñupiaq Values, animals, subsistence and culture.” According to Kelly, each student was assigned one or more pages to complete in the 65-page book.

On December 18, 2015, NANA President and CEO Wayne Westlake visited Ms. Kelly’s class in Kiana. While there, students took turns reading “Our Iñupiaq Lifestyle” to him and talked about how they incorporate cultural learning in the classroom.

"It was a thrill to meet with students and see what they created," Westlake said. "These students are the future of our culture and our Corporation. It is clear to see they are learning the Values and applying them to their lives. This is a valuable lesson."