Want to speak Iñupiaq? Download the free app for your iPhone

Want to speak Iñupiaq? Download the free app for your iPhone! The “Iñupiaraaqta” app is a project of the Iñupiaq Language Commission and supported by NANA Regional Corporation (NANA). The Iñupiaq Language Commission consists of ten members appointed by the Northwest Arctic Regional Elders Council and is responsible for guiding Iñupiaq language revitalization initiatives in the region. NANA is a for-profit corporation with a social responsibility. We hope you enjoy the free app! “Iñupiaraaqta” means “Let’s speak Iñupiatun!”

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We are thankful to the following people whose voices you hear in this app:

Aglu Wittier Williams, Jr. - Aglu was born in Qikiqtaġruk (Kotzebue) and raised in Sisualik and Qikiqtaġruk. His parents were Edna and Wittier Williams, Sr. of Qikiqtaġruk. He and his wife Kapniaq Lorena Williams raised five children and have six grandchildren. Aglu and Kapniaq live in Qikiqtaġruk.

I’yiiqpak Gladys Pungowiyi - I’yiiqpak was born and raised in Nuurvik (Noorvik). Her parents were Alfred and Hannah Wells of Nuurvik. She was named after her mother’s adoptive mother, I’yiiqpak Jackson, who was widely recognized for her humor, sewing and domestic skills. I’yiiqpak is retired and currently resides in Wasilla, AK.

Maqik Mary Schaeffer - Maqik was born in Qikiqtaġruk (Kotzebue) and raised in Nuataaq (Noatak) until the age of 11 before her family moved back to Qikiqtaġruk. Maqik was named after Alice Wilson of Qikiqtaġruk. Her parents are Annie and Grover Howarth. She and her husband John Schaeffer, Jr. raised nine children, have 36 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren. Maqik lives at camp in Ivik and Iliviaq.