Finding Solutions to the Rural Energy Crisis

Sept. 24, 2014 - Fairbanks, Alaska - NANA Regional Corp. is a megawatt sponsor at the Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) Rural Energy Conference in Fairbanks, Alaska, Sept. 22-25th at the Westmark Hotel. The conference hosts approximately 500 attendees from more than 75 communities across the state with a focus on solving issues of energy generation and reducing the skyrocketing cost of fuel and electricity in rural Alaska.

The NANA region is currently experiencing an energy crisis that negatively impacts the costs of goods and services. For example, to purchase diapers, sugar, flour, milk and eggs in Anchorage would cost a shopper approximately $20 US. The same list of items would cost more than $60 US in Kotzebue, the NANA region’s hub community with the lowest prices.

NANA proactively works with regional partners to address regional energy issues. To date, these efforts include NANA’s $1.9 million investment in the end-user energy conservation program, EnergyWise , administered by RurAL CAP, and more than $1 million  per community in energy and economic development grants available to the region’s 11 communities.  The corporation also annually funds advocacy efforts through the Northwest Arctic Leadership Team (NWALT), as well as efforts in Juneau, Alaska, and Washington D.C.


Photo: NANA’s Dean Westlake speaks with Peter Crimp of the Alaska Energy Authority in front of the NANA booth.