Important information about your NANA stock and stock will


Stock certificates are valuable legal documents that represent the shares you own in a corporation. Your stock certificate tells you the class and number of shares you own and the date the shares were issued. Each stock certificate will also have your name and the stock certificate number.
The back of the stock certificates for Class A, B, and C shares will also include a stock will form. It is very important to have a stock will on file at NANA.


It is important to keep your stock certificate in a secure place, such as in a fire-proof safe. Upon your request, NANA can store it for you.


NANA Regional Corporation has four classes of stock:

Class A: Stock for original enrollees who resided in one of the villages in the NANA region.
Class B: Stock for original enrollees who were “at-large” or not living in one of the villages of the NANA region.
Class C: Stock for individuals who were eligible to enroll originally, but missed the original enrollment.
Class D: Stock for eligible “afterborns” or individuals born after December 18, 1971.


The stock will form that is on the back of your stock certificate is a special kind of will. It pertains only to your NANA stock. Class D stock is considered “Life Stock” and cannot be inherited or transferred upon death. When a shareholder who owns Class D stock passes away, the stock goes back to the Corporation.

Remember to update your stock will as needed if there has been a change in your family due to marriage, divorce, birth or adoption of a child, or a death. Forms can be found on our website or by calling the NANA Shareholder Records Department.

It is important to let others know your stock will exists and where it is kept. If you die and no one knows your stock will exists, NANA must transfer your shares according to Alaska State law.


Your stock will form appears on the back of your stock certificate. You can also request a blank form from NANA.

  1.  List the full name and address of the person(s) you want to will your shares to and the number of shares you want to will to them.
  2.  Sign, print and date your stock will in front of a notary public.
  3. Have the notary or postmaster notarize your signature. The reason you must sign your stock will in front of a notary or postmaster and with proper identification is because they are certifying that it is you who signed the stock will. They cannot certify this if they do not see you sign the stock will and they do not check your identification.
  4. Tell someone the stock will exists. You can also send a copy to NANA for safekeeping.


Your stock certificate should be reissued if you change your name, if you reach the age of 18, if your name on the certificate is misspelled, or if the certificate is lost. If your stock certificate needs to be reissued, please contact the NANA Shareholder Records Department.

For more information about your NANA Stock, please call Shareholder Records at (800)478-3301 or email ■