2015 Regional Elders Council Election

On Tuesday, June 2nd, the Regional Elders Council (REC) elected the following officers at their meeting in Kotzebue.

Chairman Aaquuraqpauraq Larry Westlake
Vice Chairman Putyuk Alex Sheldon
Secretary/Treasurer Mamaaq Emma Ramoth
At-Large (2) Savgayuaq Helen Ashby and Maqik Mary Schaeffer

Argagiaq Willie Goodwin declined to be nominated for the REC Chairmanship during the election. He has served on the REC for 19 years.  

About the REC: The first Regional Elders Conference was held in 1978. The REC was formed in 1986 to provide Elder guidance and involvement within the communities and region. The Council is comprised of one representative from each regional community and two at-large members.