Winners of 2011 Shareholder Opinion Survey drawing

November 8, 2011 

On November 7, 2011, Dittman Research and Communications randomly selected 11 winners for the 2011 NANA Shareholder Opinion Survey prize drawing. Winners were selected from the pool of shareholders who either submitted their online survey by October 31, 2011 or mailed their paper survey by October 31, 2011. Each qualifying shareholder had an equal chance of being selected.  If you are a winner of one of these prizes, please contact Martha Cervantes at 1-800-478-2000.

2 Airline Tickets Kelli A. Gallahorn Kotzebue
iPad2 Wanda J. Ballot Noorvik
Laptop Johnnie E. Ticket, Sr. Selawik
$1,000 Charles D. Leslie Palmer
$1,000 Benjamin J. Sherman, Jr. Noatak
$1,000 Monetta J. Booth Noatak
$1,000 William O. Gage Seward
$750 Lois Newlin Anchorage
$750 James W. Mills Noatak
$500 Warren D. Douglas Shungnak
$500 Gladys E. Pungowiyi Kotzebue