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2011 NANA Annual Meeting Door Prizes

At the NANA Regional Corporation 2011 Annual Meeting, held March 14, 2011, drawings were held for door prizes. Winners for both "Those present" and "Those who turned in a valid proxy" are listed below.

(4) $500 Cash  
Johnson Black
Edna Penn
Elizabeth Greist
Aaron Hensley, Jr.
$600 Cash Nita Johnson
$800 Cash Ella Ward
$1,000 Cash Lucy Nelson
$1,200 Cash Elaine Tickett
$1,400 Cash Evelyn Woods
$1,600 Cash Helena Jones
$1,800 Cash Molly Brown
$2,000 Cash Laura Johnson
$2,200 Cash Maggie Mitchell
$2,400 Cash Irene Stalker
2 sets of Bering Air Tickets  
Carolyn Tickett
Emma Ramoth
2 sets of Alaska Airline Tickets  
Clara Ticket
Elsie Thomas
(4) $500 Cash  
Paul Brown, Jr.
Josie Coppock
Minnie Agwiak-Booth
Hendy Ballot
$600 Cash Rena Brown
$800 Cash Abram Hensley
$1,000 Cash Velma Foxglove
$1,200 Cash Josie Brower
$1,400 Cash Louis Eklund
$1,600 Cash Elsa Carrolle
$1,800 Cash Shauna Griffin
$2,000 Cash Tricia Hallett
$2,200 Cash John Henry Sr.
$2,400 Cash Martha Ceja
2 sets of Bering Air Tickets  
Herbert Jones
Jack Henry
2 sets of Alaska Airline Tickets  
Dolly Arnold
Alan Conwell, Jr.
Grand Prize Drawing Raelene A. Smith