Lands and Regional Affairs FAQ

How much land does NANA own?

Today, NANA owns 2.28 million acres, or approximately 9.4 percent of the 24.3 million acres that comprise the NANA region. The lands encompass an area that is roughly the size of Indiana.

What are the ANCSA provisions NANA operates under?

NANA Regional Corporation was created in the passage of ANCSA, and the provisions of this act guide and influence how NANA's Lands Department manages the lands traditionally used by the region's people, and currently owned by NANA, as established under ANCSA. The provisions can be found here.

What do I need to know if I am visiting NANA lands?

When visiting NANA lands, one must abide by the policies and regulations set out by the corporation. Your travels may require special permitting or other special permissions. Check out the Visitors and Neighbors section on this site. If you have additional questions or concerns, please email

Can I film on NANA lands?

To film on NANA lands, a filmmaker or film company needs the express written permission of NANA Regional Corporation, Inc. (NANA). Contact NANA's Communications Department to request permission.

Can I hunt on NANA lands?

See NANA's Land Use Policies.

What happens if I trespass NANA lands?

See NANA's Land Use Policies.

Can I mine on NANA lands?

See NANA's Land Use Policies.

Can we conduct military exercises on NANA lands?

See NANA's Land Use Policies.

What are NANA's policies regarding scentific studies and digs?

See NANA's Land Use Policies.

Where can I find maps of the NANA region?

Maps of the region can be found on this Website in the Lands Maps and Publications section. Maps can be ordered as well through the lands department.