IƱupiat Ilitqusiat

NANA incorporates a core traditional philosophy into all of our corporate actions. This core philosophy is called the Iñupiat  Ilitqusiat. Iñupiat – the real people. Ilitqusiat – that which makes us who we are. This philosophy was developed over thousands of years and articulated by the Elders as part of the Spirit Movement of the 1980s.  NANA assisted the Elders in capturing the core philosophy.  Our work continues today to as we strive to incorporate these values in the way NANA does business and our day to day lives.

Every Iñupiaq person is responsible to all other Iñupiat for the survival of our cultural spirit and the values and traditions through which it survives. Through our extended family, we retain, teach and live our Iñupiaq way of life. With guidance and support from our Elders, we teach our children our Iñupiat Ilitqusiat values.

Our understanding of the universe and our place in it is a belief in God and a respect for all of His creation.

Knowledge of Family Tree

Love of Children            

Avoid Conflict      

Knowledge of Language


Family Roles


Hard Work



Respect for Elders


Respect for Others

Respect for Nature

Domestic Skills

Responsibility to Tribe

Hunter Success